In-House Project

Much of our added-value services focus on logistics consultancy and customs procedures. Our goal is to reduce costs, effort and resources of the importers' or exporters' foreign trade department.

With the IN-HOUSE project what we want is to take some control of the operation of the logistics of the company, reducing costs and speed processes up, always looking for privacy and legal security of our clients.

What this project offers is to place one of our experts in traffic within the client's company, so that he indirectly becomes a contributor to his team, but with the customs and logistics expertise that would require both parties. This partner takes control of shipments, records and projects and, working with the traffic team of Grupo ISCE, this process results in operational efficiency, timely information and reliability on procedures.

IN-HOUSE project has been totally beneficial for both the client and Grupo ISCE service provider. The client only sees a face, an invoice and coordinated logistics done by ISCE and its highly experienced staff.


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