Frecuently Asked Questions about Origin Inspection

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Q-Does the ORIGIN INSPECTION eliminates the process when arrival to Mexican facilities?
A-Yes, with the Origin Inspection (or Previo en Origen in Spanish) eliminates the PREVIO cost and process in Mexican ports.

Q-At what time the INSPECTION is conducted?
A- The day the container is scheduled to be loaded at the supplier´s warehouse.

Q-How expensive is are the services, specially the PREVIO EN ORIGEN ?
A-ISCES's mission is not to generate an extra cost to the importers logistic, PREVIO EN ORIGEN aims to match or lower the costs of the PREVIO current process.

Q-What are the benefits of the importer by contracting an INSPECTION SERVICE?
A-Conduct logistics players to provide visibility at all time (documents and processes), generates certain that the cargo will be shipped as requested, streamlines the Mexican cargo release the ports, provides security in the handling of the cargo, financial planning in the payment of taxes, among other.

Q-What would be the role of my actual Mexican customs Broker, when contracting this service?
A- The customs broker will play a very important role, this icon will dictate the guidelines to elaborate the PREVIO process. What ISCE tries to establish is a perfect synergy between the importer, customs broker and ISCE.

Q- Which is the composition of a service quotation?
A- A quote is made up of 4 variables in order to provide a competitive and a attractive quotation:

  1. identify the required service,
  2. identify the suppliers location (Country or province),
  3. dimension the size/volume project,
  4. and finally any other specification or instruction from the client.

Q-Which is the coverage area for ISCES's services?
A-The base coverage area is : China, India, Vietnam, Taiwan y Chile; in any other location the services could be provided.

Q-What is the structure of the personnel that conduct inspections?
A-The inspectors that conduct inspections are local qualified engineers, which facilitates and promotes an efficient communication with suppliers with a better performance. All the inspectors have a manager with enough experience in the Mexican customs legal framework; with this synergy the team provides a professional reporting service.


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